Monday, October 4, 2010

'Bmore ruins Beantown....

I haven't drowned in the Charles, or been trampled by Sox fans, not to worry.

On the occasion of my first outing to the Royale to see M.I.A w/ Rye Rye tonight, it seems fitting to continue my shoulder-bounce down memory lane with a short and sweet Diplo interview.

This not-quite-Pulitzer worthy exchange was executed in honor of the 2-year anniversary of a little Ybor City dance-party-that-could called PULP. I was lovingly recruited (or maybe I offered) to write-up a retrospective for REAX Magazine in honor of this momentous occasion. In the early days, PULP was kind of a revolution; a bunch of n'er been seen Tampa hipsters found their calling at this weekly party, where they systematically destroyed the carpet at Czar Bar and in doing so, made a definitive statement that Tampa could play ball with the best of 'em.

Pauly Crush was responsible for the mayhem, and after a year of dug-in heels and an undying conviction that Tampa could be schooled, his labor of love was finally poised to play host to a pretty sweet list of guest DJs. Kid Sister and Flosstradamus, I think, were the first coup, and when Diplo got booked - well, PULP was advanced.

In honor of PULP's toddler birthday, I tracked down some past guest-DJs and asked them what they thought of Ybor's darling disco...

"PULP quickie interview"
Interview w/ Diplo, May 2009
Originally printed in REAX Music Magazine, June 2009

Becca: You are a Florida boy, born and raised (correct me if I'm wrong...)
and been into the club scene probably since you were in diapers. You
must have some idea of what Tam
pa, and Ybor, have been like for a
while... were you surprised when you played PULP?

Diplo: was cool. im very east side.. new smyrna/ daytona.. but i used to go west to see great bands like ASSUCK perform! shows how old am I??

B: Do we dance good?

D: u guys danced pretty well.. could have done a bit more windmills and stuff

B: Best moment of the night (if you remember?)

D: playing marilyn manson beautiful people with 2 live crew over top

B: What stands out from that Friday night above all... and would you come back and play again?

D: yeh .. i love to support florida.. its always a bit hard and difficult to get kids excited about new music.. but FL has the best energy and I want to keep blowing up the scene .. i remember how excited i was living in orland years ago when I ws still in high school and the underground was huge.. lets keep it goin there.. and my parents own a bait show so ill be there catching shrimp til I die...

check it out!

So yeah... do you wanna Torch?