Saturday, February 19, 2011

what is there to apologize for?

this is great, and beautiful. attend yourselves to the following. 

and now attend to my caveats. 

this is the kind of short pastiche that can inspire to get off your ass and write that paper, or put on your face and get to work, or get back to that annoying creditor or sign those divorce/paternity/maternity papers. because, annoying life things aside, it reminds us that we're better than all that. it's us against the bureaucrats.  

it's a lovely work, (and not without reference to a similar homage for the beautiful damned*.) but, why apologize for something you've not quite been accused of, unless you feel inherently guilty?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

once upon a tom

there are certain things i miss about the internet 7 years ago. one thing in particular, when social networking was still in its wee bitty analog days, is the myspace blog. once upon a time, in july of 2006, i was feeling a little down. i posted a bulletin imploring my dear bodiless myspace friends to do the following (and i quote)
show me something beautiful.
send me the most beautiful thing you can think of right now. let it be easter and christmas in my inbox when i wake up.
remind me of color.
what accrued in my inbox over the next several days was so amazing, i posted all the responses in a blog. i've thought about that interaction a lot since, and its still utterly inspiring. we try so hard to distill and define what it is people want - we make it so hard to see that sometimes the answer is often quite simple.