Saturday, February 19, 2011

what is there to apologize for?

this is great, and beautiful. attend yourselves to the following. 

and now attend to my caveats. 

this is the kind of short pastiche that can inspire to get off your ass and write that paper, or put on your face and get to work, or get back to that annoying creditor or sign those divorce/paternity/maternity papers. because, annoying life things aside, it reminds us that we're better than all that. it's us against the bureaucrats.  

it's a lovely work, (and not without reference to a similar homage for the beautiful damned*.) but, why apologize for something you've not quite been accused of, unless you feel inherently guilty?

thus, ye creatives**, why so guilty? why are the creatives pushed into a corner of constant self-validation? who's pushing them? and what is there to apologize for?

i'm an acolyte in this worship-business of marketing, and so far be it from me to enter, all willy-nilly, a discussion which far outdates and outnumbers me. but, beyond those behemoth dealbreaker/makers: fame, reputation, credit, and everything thing else "agency," why the dissension among the ranks? no, we're not all on the same team, in fact, we're on about 307 billion different teams, at last count.

but art and copy - isn't this the touchstone of marketing and advertising, and really, the only place a brand ever truly engages the audience it hopes will shed dollars in its direction? yes, strategy comes first. yes, the research has to back up the executions. but give credit where credit is due - without that shot, without that lighting (or too much), without the soundtrack, without the words said in exactly that way - there is no execution. 

this is a vast over-simplification, that i acknowledge. i also acknowledge that sometimes, egos get in the way of clients. but in the end, pretty makes people happy. and happy people make for looser wallets. outsiders are intrinsically cool, but you've got to have an inside to have an outside.

and the crux of it is, the inside can't exist without the outside to define it. 

*also - they did say it first...  
**for the record, the term "creatives" seems peevy and wrong to me, but that's a whole other battle.

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